Lyme Disease + Black Oxygen Organics - Science + Resources

Lyme Disease + Black Oxygen Organics - Science + Resources
Nearly everyone is familiar with Lyme and the standard symptoms, treatments, and testing that happens.  
Chances are pretty good you know someone because it's estimated ~300,000 people (and rising) get Lyme Disease every year. 

Of that number, a mere 35,000 get an official diagnosis.
We're here to talk about the OTHER parts people don't commonly know about.

One of the first BIGGEST issues is something called:


Release the Weight That's Holding You Back

Release the Weight That's Holding You Back

If you’ve ever taken a breath, I guarantee you have baggage.

Sitting on the sidelines while sh*t from the past gums up your future.

All the crap you’ve ever endured stuffed into a couple of old suitcases.  Bad decisions, betrayals, loss, should have. Folded and filled - for easy access.

Cumbersome anchors weighing down every step sounds like a workout for even a seasoned athlete. I know how hard it is to step forward with all that weight, paralyzing fear that prevents you from pursuing new opportunities. Avoidance and/or denial of anything that reminds you of the past. If you don’t think of it, it didn’t happen.

Simple tasks seem like death-defying, medal worth feats because no one can relate to the way you feel

The Best Decision I Almost Missed

The Best Decision I Almost Missed

If I could just make a decision everything would be better.

Yet no amount of deliberation would help me make a "suitable" decision.

Deadlines did nothing but cause a massive ball of anxiety in my stomach.

I would become totally frozen. Walking a tightrope between indecision.

What to do?

What if I made the wrong decision?

Let me be clear, these were NOT life and death situations. I'm talking about stuff that was supposed to be easy.

Just ride the wave of adrenaline and slam out decisions like a total badass never look back.

Deciding what to make for dinner or choosing what social activity to show up to and the literal shit would hitting the fan.

No amount of meditation, pro/con lists, self-help methodology, or discussion would deliver an answer.

First the anxiety. 

Then the frustration and anger. 


You’re So Ugly When You Cry

You’re So Ugly When You Cry
Six words and I was gutted.

A piece of my heart broke off.

We’d been fighting for hours . . .

It started with a little disagreement, a misunderstanding that escalated into him throwing my clothes out the front door, onto the red Oklahoma dirt. This wasn’t the first time.

“Leave,” I heard a tiny voice say. But how?

I was heartbroken, ugly crying, and stuck in the middle of nowhere with a man that had been verbally abusing me for months.

I was so young, so naive. 

I had heard the voice before, but I couldn’t move. I had no clear direction to move forward to.

On the outside, we were the perfect couple.

His smile could charm a rattlesnake back into its hidey-hole and it convinced me that I was his true love. He was supposed to be the one to carry me off into the sunset on his blue roan stud horse.

From the beginning, I had put his needs before my own. Too many times I said yes when the tiny voice inside said no.